Local attractions around Dorset

Brownsea Island
Brownsea Island was the site of the first Scout camp in 1907 led by Lord Baden-Powell. It is a haven for wildlife with its varied and beautiful landscape with woodland, heath and grassy fields. The island is a reknown spot for bird watching with a variety of birds including dunlin, kingfishers, common and sandwich terns and oystercatchers.

Cerne Giant
The Cerne Giant stands 180ft tall and is Britain's largest chalk hill figure. The origins of the Cerne Giant are somewhat mysterious with many theories surrounding its identity including whether its an ancient symbol of spirituality, the Greco-Roman hero Hercules, or even if its a mockery of Oliver Cromwell.

Hardy Monument
This distinctive tower sits on a ridge high above the Dorset coast. The tower was erected to commemorate Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy who was thes Flag-Captain on the HMS Victory. Around the tower are fantastic views and plent of excellent picnic spots.

Maiden Castle
Maiden Castle is one of the largest Iron Age hillforts in Europe.  The several ramparts which once protected several hundred residents provide an insight into its historic past. There is evidence of a late Iron Age cemetery, where many of the burials had suffered horrific injuries from defending the fort.

Portland Castle
Portland Castle, built in the early 1540s, is one of Henry VIII’s finest coastal forts used to protect against French and Spanish invasion. The castle provides amazing sea views and gives you a chance to see the powerful armoury that was used. As well as its older history the castle also played a part in the First and Second World Wars.

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